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Hanukkad Glass Dreidel Beads, set of 3. handmade in Jerusalem

Bat Chen Designs - Glass Dreams

A set of 3 handmade glass dreidel beads made with opaque and clear glass in a modern designs.  These fun beads can be a whimsical addition to your necklace or even key chane
The letters נ ג ה פ are written with molten glass on the surface in very complicated technique.
The piece is crafted in a torch flame at a very high temperature and then goes through a long annealing process to make it strong and durable.

SIZE - 3/4 inch tall
5/8 inch wide

*please note these dreidels are handmade, while the integrity of the design is maintained the size and shape might slightly vary.

Collections: Hanukkah

Type: judaica

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